can’t find gem cocoapods ( >= 0.a ) with executable pod (Gem :: GemNotFoundException)

The error message “can’t find gem cocoapods (>= 0.a) with executable pod (Gem::GemNotFoundException)” indicates that the RubyGem system cannot locate the cocoapods gem or its executable (pod command). This issue commonly occurs in Ruby environments, and it often relates to problems with the RubyGem setup or the installation of the CocoaPods gem.

Figure: CocaPod error

Here are the Methods you can take to resolve this issue:

First Solution:

Open the terminal, go to the project directory, and run the below command.

Running "bundle install" installs the Ruby gems specified in your project’s Gemfile. If you encounter issues during the installation.

Second Solution:

If you are still getting the same issue even after trying the first solution, then you can run the below command.

This command installs the CocoaPods gem.

Third Solution:

If the above issues persist, try uninstalling and then reinstalling CocoaPods.

is used to install CocoaPods globally and ensure that the executable (pod command) is available in a directory that is part of your system’s PATH (/usr/local/bin).

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