How to clear the caches on Mac OS

If you are a Mac user, then at some point you will face not enough space issues. In this case, you may delete your files and software. But there is another option to free your system space. It is clearing the cache. You can free up a considerable amount of space just by cleaning the cache. In this blog, I will explain all steps in detail to clean the cache. Let’s start

Step 1: First of all, click on your desktop, you will see a Go option at the top menu. Just click on it and then click on the computer option.

Figure: System Options

Step 2: When you click on it You will see a window as shown in below. Just click on Macintosh HD and then click on Library.

Figure: Macintosh Drive
Figure: Click on Library Folder

Step 3: When you click on Library, You will get a new window, where if you see the first row, there you will find the caches folder. You need to click on it.

Figure: Cache Folder

Step 4: Click on the Caches folder, You will get a few folders. Select all the folders and Move them to the trash.

Figure: Delete caches Folders

Step 5: After Deleting the folders, again click on the Go option at the top of your desktop and press the option key of your laptop keyboard, when you click on the option button of the keyboard, you will see a Library on that dropdown list as shown in the below figure. Click on it.

Figure: Showing Library Option

Step 6: When you click on Library, You will get a new window, where, again you need to find the caches folder and click on it.

Figure: Highlighting Cache folder

Step 7: When you click the Caches folder, you will see a new window of folders. Here, You need to select all folders and move them to the trash.

Figure: Cleaning Caches

Step 8: If you have followed all steps, then you are just one step ahead to free up your system space. Now open your trash bin and Clear it. Now you can see the available storage on your Mac setting. You will be surprised by the free space.

Figure: Clearing Trash Bin

That’s it for this blog. I hope, this blog really helped you to fix your issue. if you have any queries or suggestions. You can connect with us through the contact section. We are also available on YouTube. Don’t forget to share and subscribe to us. Thank you for your valuable time. Have a nice day ahead.

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