How to create Avatar on Mac OS

As we all know, Avatar is a representation of any person or any living being. Nowadays using avatars is becoming a trend. In Mac OS, you can create your own avatar for the lock screen. Let’s create one Avatar together.

Step 1: Click on the Apple icon at the left top corner and then click on System preferences

Step 2: Click on Users & Groups

Figure: System preferences wi

Step 3: Click on the profile image to make changes

Figure: Lock screen profile

Step 4: You can see many avatars on this page. You can also use the pre-designed avatar. If you want to create your own avatar then click on the plus button.

Figure: pre-designed Avatar

Step 5: When you click Plus button, you will get a page where you can choose your body parts. you can customize your facial parts as you need.

Figure: Avatar Design Screen

Step 6: If you have designed your avatar, then just click on Done and save the changes. That’s it
Now you will get a fully animated Avatar on the login screen.

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Figure: Youtube Video tutorial

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