How to remove Protected View in Word

Microsoft Word stands as a versatile tool, empowering users to create, edit, and share content seamlessly. However, for added security, Word introduces the concept of Protected View, a safeguard against potentially unsafe documents. While this feature is invaluable in preventing security threats, there are occasions when you may want to disable it to streamline your workflow. In this blog post, we’ll explore step-by-step methods to remove “Protected View” in Word.

Figure 1: Protected view

Method 1: Navigating the Backstage View

Launch Microsoft Word:
Begin by opening the Word document that triggers Protected View.

Access the “File” Tab:
In the top-left corner, click on the “File” tab to enter the Backstage view.

Explore “Options”:
Within the Backstage view, locate and click on “Options” at the bottom of the menu.

Enter Trust Center:
In the Word Options dialog box, journey to the “Trust Center” by selecting it from the left-hand menu.

Trust Center Settings:
Within the Trust Center, click on “Trust Center Settings…” to delve into detailed security options.

Disable Protected View:
Select “Protected View” from the menu and uncheck the options associated with opening files in Protected View.

Apply Changes:
Click “OK” to apply the changes, then again on the Word Options dialog box to finalize.

Restart Microsoft Word:
Close and restart Word to witness the removal of Protected View.

Method 2: File Properties

Open File Properties:
Right-click on the Word document, choose “Properties,” and navigate to the “General” tab.

Unblock the File:
If a security warning is present, indicating the file’s origin from another computer, check the “Unblock” box and click “Apply” or “OK.”

Reopen the Document:
Close and reopen the Word document to confirm that Protected View no longer poses a hindrance.


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